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Devastated Foreclosed Homeowners, Rejected for Loan Modifications, Win trustee sale reversal decisions through the help of the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates…
Although the Media appears to spot light many other issues all over the world, we continue to have a serious housing problem in our Country today. Many homeowners who may have received only temporary relief years ago are once again faced with unsustainable mortgage payments…

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Foreclosing Lender Reduces $400k off a $669k Mortgage loan balance through Nonprofit alliance of Consumer Advocates @ Consumer Defense Law Group Avoiding Lender Litigation…
Mr. Canas Foreclosure was May 14th after years of failed efforts to receive help from his lender. Not giving up hope Mr. Canas was directed to That same day Mr. Canas received a call from…

Read More: Foreclosing Lender Reduces $400k off a $669k Mortgage loan balance—EIN News Desk

Failed HAMP Loan Modifications Result in $7,464,565.00 in Relief for Many Homeowners Avoiding Foreclosure through the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates…
Frustrated homeowners are still losing their homes after repeated requests from lenders to submit and resubmit loan Modification applications, only to get forestalled then eventually rejected for unjustifiable reasons. Homeowners faithfully…

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Court Rules in Support of Homeowners Fighting Loan Mod Denials
Wells Fargo Customers in some states now have the right to sue their lender if they are denied a loan modification....


Report Finds Banks Reluctant To Reduce Principal voluntarily, Despite Promises
housing advocates say the limited progress so far -- just 14 percent of aid has gone to write down loan balances


Bank of America employees TURN and TESTIFY AGAINST BOA
7 Bank of America employees have jumped ship and are now giving whistle blowing testimony


Bank of America $8.5 Billion Settlement Heads for Court Showdown
The proposed deal “offers pennies on the dollar,” Colorado attorney Daniel Reilly, who represents AIG, said during last week’s arguments.


Most aid from mortgage settlement in state going to short sales
Big banks are giving billions of dollars to distressed California homeowners— but mostly to get people out


Foreclosure-Relief Funds Earmarked for California Mostly Unspent
Only about a sixth of the $2 billion available to help troubled homeowners in the state has been tapped


Another example of a homeowner who handled things with their bank with out proper representation!
One woman’s nightmarish odyssey through the system that was supposed to help...


CALIFORNIA HOMEOWNER BILL OF RIGHTS Kamala D. Harris, Attorney General of California


Mortgage Settlement Report Finds Banks Reluctant To Reduce Principal
The largest mortgage settlement in U.S. history was pitched by its creators as a deal that would offer quick aid to 1 million people ...

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“In the current economic cycle, SAHA has realized that when there is no roof over the head, education and a healthy life style become academic concepts. In association with the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, SAHA educates home and small business owners at no cost to maintain their homes and a decent lifestyle, providing necessary tools and information. In the few years, this non-profit has helped thousands of homeowners either by completely free home loan modification assistance, legal help to bring the lenders to the negotiating table to settle with them as well as new loan resolution and private investment firm assistance to retain their right to homeownership. Visit us at:”

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    Our Mission is “CONSUMER ADVOCACY” We are a Non Profit Legal Alliance Providing Legal Homeownership Preservation services to help you save your home.

    When our nonprofit law clinic first reviewed the Orange County Home Ownership Preservation Collaborative it noticed that all the major lenders were the sponsors for organizations helping troubled-homeowners. These agencies are providing assistance to  the public by relying mostly on volunteers whom in return may not have the necessary mortgage lender experience and knowledge to provide adequate direction.

    Consequently, these volunteers' assistance could have a detrimental effect on the outcome of the mortgage negotiations since they lack the legal capacity to go beyond what is offered by the lenders. Don’t fight foreclosure or your lender alone!

    We offer a wide range of legal assistance and service for a wide range of lender and mortgage needs.

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