Bankruptcy Protection and Bankruptcy Avoidance Alternatives and a clear explanation of the differences between Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
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We are first and foremost committed to Consumer Protection.

   Our primary goal is to inform you of your Consumer Legal Rights that allow you to make informed decisions regarding your next step(s) to foreclosure prevention. Due to the complexity of this issue, we carefully evaluate each case to give you sound Legal guidance to avoid foreclosure. Our nonprofit law clinics consortium of consumer advocates comprised of Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Banking Loss Mitigation Experts and Licensed Attorneys and Private Equity Fund Investors that effectively help struggling homeowners through our educational campaigns that expose Bank Fraud and Lender Abuse while offering A – Z solutions from free no cost legal loan modification services thru potential Class Action, Consolidated Group or Individual Lender Litigation Lawsuits to help bring the actual Note Holder to the bargaining table to review a sensible resolution that helps them as well as you.

Loan Rescission possibilities

An unusually high percentage of home loans originated from 2004 thru early 2009 contain errors, mistakes, violations, misrepresentations or blatant fraud that make the rescission of the original contract a possibility. Loan Rescission provides the homeowner with a clean exit from the loan without additional damage to their credit and the possibility of removing any past derogatory credit reporting concerning the subject mortgage loan including but not limited to foreclosure and prior late payments. While rarely offered by the lender voluntarily, a skilled Attorney conceding to loan rescission to in lieu of the high cost of the same inevitable loan rescission decision from Judge or Jury would prove more cost effective advice to the lenders by their Attorney.

Meet Some of the the Attorneys You May Meet in Person:

Attorney Peter Nisson Attorney
Peter Nisson

Sr. Director of Legal Services

State Bar Licensed since 1974


Attorney Peter Nisson, a 2nd generation attorney whose father was a very highly respected Attorney who was the past President of the Orange County Bar Association. Peter Nisson graduated in the top of his class from USC then graduated from Pepperdine Law School 2nd in his class. Peter Nisson has been practicing Law since 1974, he was 24 years of age when he first became a Lawyer.


Attorney Peter Nisson has represented and won many impressive Contract Litigation cases against several Fortune 500 Companies including Flour Corporation , American Recording Company and  McDonald Douglass where he obtained large awards.


Most Attorneys don’t have the ability nor the courage to take a Judges unfavorable verdict to the Court of Appeals , True Appellate Attorneys are very rare. Attorney Peter Nisson has successfully tried and won several cases in the Appellate Court and has had a victory in the form of a very favorable settlement for his client in the Highest California Court , the California Supreme Court. Attorney Nisson has gone up against many worthy opponents that most Attorneys wouldn’t have the courage and or lack the expertise to do so, Attorney Peter Nisson has won cases against the City of Los Angeles, City of Garden Grove, City of Newport Beach and the Orange County Board of Governors.


With all his success, Attorney Nisson has also made it a point to help, guide, and assist underrepresented Consumers by offering his expertise in preparing legal documents for consumers. The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is proud to have Attorney Peter Nisson as its Senior Legal Director to ensure the highest level of Legal Advice and guidance to its many consumers.

Attorney Ursula Barrios Attorney Ursula Barrios

Ursula Barrios received her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with a Minor in Biology from the University of California at Irvine.

Mrs. Barrios has a Masters in Public Health (Health Administration) from Loma Linda University.

Mrs. Barrios earned her Juris Doctorate from Trinity Law School in 2007.

She was admitted to practice law in the summer of 2008 and began to volunteer as an attorney pro bono for The Orange County Public Law Center, helping dozens of less-privileged clients with their legal issues.

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