Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis Report

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Non-Profit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Introduction Package

Services and information offered at no cost to the consumer at every consultation. This is your first step in receiving information about Non-Profit Alliance of Consumer Advocates aid

Loan Rescission Case Evaluation

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Questionnaire to File a Law Suit against Your Lender

Once you have downloaded and filled out the questioner completely, please fax back (866) 773-7864 or email (DocCheck@NACAlaw.org) this form with the Loan Rescission Evaluation Form (Step Two), to your  non profit law clinic counselor. You will receive your "fraudetect" loan fraud and violation information analysis report at no cost to you
This is a large file and can take a minute or so to download

Nonprofit Law Clinic Forms and Information  
General Information and Mortgage Litigation Settlement Results

Your loan documents, the way you were given your loan, the way your loan was serviced or re-sold even the recent handling of your loan situation may contain legal flaws, errors, mistakes, violations and FRAUD that may allow you to legally challenge the enforceability of your entire Mortgage Loan contract altogether. Our nonprofit law clinic is offering all of the below products and services FREE / NO COST.

1.  loan Fraud and Violation Analysis Report

2.  Legal Loan Modification properly structured to meet existing loan Guidelines and your net disposable income for sustainability

3.  Individual Property Value forecast evaluation corresponding against Loan balance.

4.  Pre-qualification for one of several Permanent Principal Reduction Programs available today.

5.  Various loan modification eligibility review and recommendation of needed adjustments before loan submission to minimize lender rejection possibility.

How long to re-qualify for a new Loan after losing your home!
Here’s a typical* breakdown of waiting periods for buyers who lost their homes:
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Lender failure rate information and articles
This package contains mortgage loan information referring to Lenders failure rate resulting from the true Note Holder rarely being informed of Consumers intent and or desire to retain the home from servicer:..
(This is the opinion of our nonprofit law clinic)



More Aggressive And Successful Approaches
This will illustrate the success rate of a more aggressive approach mandating the true note holder being brought into “loan Dispute Resolution Settlement” discussions from the very beginning.



Example of Some Lenders Responses
This will illustrate some Examples of  various lenders responses to the “Real and Present Threat of Litigation” or Pre-Litigation


The other Nonprofit Organization that actually works for you, not your Lender!

A division of ‘Serve All Help All’ a 10 year Non-Profit Organization that now has Mortgage, Real Estate, Loss Mitigation, Law Professionals and Private Equity Investment Firms all working collaboratively to help you preserve your right of homeownership……
We are a TRUE Non Profit Organization and we would like the opportunity to explain the benefits of other consumer protective Laws, Services and Products that are available to you . We want to be your “one stop” for consumer legal information once you resolve your Mortgage Challenge once and for all