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Bankruptcy Protection

Bankruptcy Protection and Bankruptcy Avoidance Alternatives Bankruptcy Protection and Bankruptcy Avoidance Alternatives and a clear explanation of the differences between Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Evaluating your personal position before recommending any Bankruptcy Protection Filing or Bankruptcy Avoidance Alternatives by a seasoned Bankruptcy Attorney is important. Consumer Bankruptcy Protection may be right for your situation or Bankruptcy Avoidance alternatives that we will properly execute for you. Bankruptcy filed for the wrong reason maybe more damaging than the alternative. Bankruptcy performed by a experienced Bankruptcy Attorney may allow you to freeze a trustee sale and retain your home while reducing your principal balance and eliminating all consumer debt.


Lender Law Suit

Lender Law Suit Litigation has increased since the 50 States Attorney Generals Investigation confirmed Bank Employees statements that they purposely mishandled even forged signatures on documents and the Federal Governments order to at first only 16 Major Banks to reimburse homeowners improperly foreclosed upon. More homeowners are seeing positive results from continued lender law suit litigation avoidance settlements. Our nonprofit law clinic's trained staff literally has several hundred(s) of individual lender law suits filed against most lenders in both State as well as Federal Court. Recently our nonprofit law clinic's multiple Mass Consolidated Group Lender Law Suits filed against the mortgage industry as a whole has allowed a defective product liability lender law suit to work its way thru the court system on behalf of various named homeowners and many yet to be identified and named. Our nonprofit law clinic's staff will analyze your mortgage loan history to identify if you may benefit from a Individual Lender Law Suit, a Group or Consolidated Lender Law Suit, a Mass Defective Product Liability Lender Law Suit or a Class Action Lender Law Suit. Courts today including most Judges make every effort to allow an early settlement to be reached in Lender Law Suit Litigation to avoid clogging up the Court with so many Lender Law Suit Litigation Cases in every state. Our nonprofit law clinic offers a very unique and affordable Sectionalized Lender Law Suit Litigation Process to allow almost anybody and everybody with a good case to protect their consumer civil rights when Bank Fraud and Lender Abuse is discovered. at no cost the homeowner.


Entire Mortgage Loan History Audit vs. forensic document audit

Identified errors, mistakes, misrepresentations, predatory loan origination, predatory loan servicing, consumer civil rights and lender fraud violations may invalidate a mortgage note. A forensic mortgage loan history analysis by legal professionals can identify if this is available. Loan Rescission, Trustee Sale Reversals, REO Reversals, continued lender law Suit litigation avoidance settlements, rarely granted permanent loan modifications even permanent principal reductions may be attained from the completion of a legal process for any homeowner. Our nonprofit law clinic offers a forensic Mortgage history analysis at no cost the homeowner.


Loan Rescission possibilities

An unusually high percentage of home loans originated from 2004 thru early 2009 contain errors, mistakes, violations, misrepresentations or blatant fraud that make the rescission of the original contract a possibility. Loan Rescission provides the homeowner with a clean exit from the loan without additional damage to their credit and the possibility of removing any past derogatory credit reporting concerning the subject mortgage loan including but not limited to foreclosure and prior late payments. While rarely offered by the lender voluntarily, a skilled Attorney conceding to loan rescission to in lieu of the high cost of the same inevitable loan rescission decision from Judge or Jury would prove more cost effective advice to the lenders by their Attorney.