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While there may still be a few well intended Loan Modification and other Business Professionals as well as many other ‘not-so’ well intended individuals and company’s with ulterior intentions and motives that charge large up-front fee’s and fee’s upon the completion of a voluntary Loan Modification (that’s been documented to have as low as an 8% success rate nationally) the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates success ratio has been documented to be well over 400% better than the National Average with a very attractive up-front fee. 

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates only asks for an up-front donation of canned foods and or other non-perishable items for the local homeless to be brought in upon a full Loan Modification file being professionally assembled and reviewed by an in-house Loss Mitigation expert and ready for a fed-ex’d delivery to the troubled Homeowners lender. Although a 400% better than National average ratio sounds impressive there is still a large amount of voluntary loan modification requests that either get wrongfully denied or simply still get ignored.

For the successfully completed Loan Modifications, the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates will seek a payment after the completion that can equal to as much as the new 1st months modified payment. The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates will request the Homeowners first scheduled new modified payment be delayed a full month to help minimize any additional financial burden to the happy homeowner. When the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is successful the donation is not made out to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, the checks are asked to be made out directly to Veterans First Organization, a completely separate and independent nonprofit organization focused on helping feed and house Homeless U.S Veterans. 

Since the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates does inform all their clients seeking assistance that their efforts may not be successful every time, they do look for alternative Loss Mitigation resolutions with on-site independent Mortgage Bankers, Loss Mitigation Experts, Independent State Bar Licensed foreclosure Defense Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers as well Private Equity Investment Firm Representatives that will make the donation to Veterans First on behalf of the Homeowner when their efforts are successful should the Nonprofit Clinics efforts fall short.

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