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Tanya was foreclosed on her Non-Owner Occupied Property she was renting out in Texas. She came to the Nonprofit very discouraged and had given up all hope in being able to get property back since she had previously been rejected by her lender for any help on her variable interest rate mortgage loan prior to being foreclosed upon. 

Tanja was delinquent for a long time and was very upside down on her Mortgage. After the property was already foreclosed upon she contacted the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and the Nonprofit was able to identify various state and federal consumer homeowner laws that her lender allegedly violated. 

After the Nonprofits issues were properly presented to her lender, Tanja was able to get the house back into her name with all the missed back-payments forgiven and a large principal reduction down to what the homes value currently is today along with a very low 3% fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. You can find Tanja Taylors testimonial on the video above these words.

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