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May 15, 2017

To Timothy King:I want to take this time to thank you for sharing your expertise and successfully attaining a Loan Modification to save my home. You never gave up, and you patiently listened to all my questions, gripes and whines, which at times, I’m sure were inane.

I was terrified that I would lose my home. Stupidly, I thought an interest only loan meant that I still had my mortgage, and I was only paying down the interest. To my horror, I discovered I did not own a mortgage, I was simply paying rent.

Timothy King walked me through several stages, continuing to encourage me, providing me confidence to know that I would not lose
my home.

Not only did I not lose my home, he negotiated a very low interest rate and a mortgage payment smaller than the original.

Mr. King connected me with others in the organization, and we were able to coordinate together for a successful outcome.

I would highly recommend the NACA Law organization. Their standards are high, and their dedication to their profession is exemplary.

Thank you,
Ericka Turner

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