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Mr. Montalvo and his family had previously been told by his lender that he did not qualify for another Loan Modification since he had already received one in the past. The only help they offered him was a Deed in Lieu (signing the Deed back to the lender and voluntarily giving the home back to the lender) or a Short Sale of the property. Mr. Montalvo’s payment was once again become unsustainable at $2,529.71 a month and was again going to increase again since the loan modification he previously received was not fixed for good, a simple band-aid like so many. 

Wilfredo Montalvo heard a Public Service Announcement on the Christian Radio station he listens to and decide to take a drive from Hisperia California to Costa Mesa for a FREE Loan Modification. Mr. Montalvo’s payment is now at a fixed $1,022.18 Principal and Interest payment with a fixed 3.625% rate for the life of his loan. All of the missed payments were completly forgiven.

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