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COSTA MESA, CA – 19 Apr, 2018 – Many people were months behind on their Mortgage while attempting to get the help they so desperately needed from their bank some as long as 11 years. Some dealing directly with their lender themselves others with loan modification companies and some finally going to several Attorneys; all typically equally unsuccessful leaving you to face foreclosure.

Many homeowners who visit the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates are distraught expecting to lose their homes to foreclosure due to continued denials.

The Nonprofit Counselor listens to your story while reviewing your financial profile. Often It is apparent that the homeowners not only should’ve been able to retain their home, but they actually appear eligible for one of several programs specifically meant to keep homeowners from losing their homeownership rights instead of losing their home thru foreclosure then being evicted.

Many Homeowners were doubtful there was anything that could be done at a certain point, because of the failed attempts over many years. Fortunately, the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates will work closely with knowledgeable and proficient Multi-State Licensed Attorneys for foreclosure defence, Private Equity Investment Firms for possible Bridge financing to assist them in bringing their loans current as well as Direct Lenders to obtain an entire new loan that pay payoff the prior delinquent home loan.

The Trustee Sale can be postponed through the Nonprofit Clinics delivered Package giving the Home Owners some peace of mind until a well thought out plan is identified and agreed upon by the Homeowner and one if not various Industry Professionals that will all work together to guarantee the homeowner doesn’t get foreclosed upon.

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates helps homeowners in distress to achieve voluntary lender loan modifications or other relief to avoid foreclosure at no charge or cost to the Homeowner. (www.NACAlaw.org) 1-855-NACA-HELP 1-855-622-2435

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