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COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Homeowners, Anthony and Marylou Anda of Ripon, California were delinquent on their mortgage payments and getting no help from their lender after repeated requests for a loan modification review. This went on for several years before they were eventually foreclosed upon on June 11th, 2018.

The Anda’s accepted the fact that they would be facing eviction in two to three weeks, after being erroneously informed by others, that when a property is sold at a foreclosure auction to the highest bidding purchaser they would never have a chance of getting the house back into their name.

Many predatory foreclosure consultants that claim to be working with attorneys aggressively pursued the Anda’s offering them assistance to stay in their homes longer by charging them an upfront fee. Others only offered help obtaining the surplus proceeds resulting from the foreclosure sale of the property and charging an exorbitant fee.

The Anda’s were referred to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates which is a faith-based loss mitigation legal clinic that focuses on helping homeowners keep their homes and rehabilitate their loans and improve their personal financial condition. These are free services available to those in need. Unfortunately for Mr. & Mrs. Anda it was too late to attempt to request the lender to modify the loan, since the foreclosure had already occurred.

Attorney Peter Nisson who is the Nonprofit Clinic’s Sr. Legal Director, instructed that Mr. Anda immediately engage Consumer Defense Law Group, PC headed up by attorney Anthony Cara. Mr. Cara’s firm has been successful in reversing foreclosure sales where it has been sold to an innocent third party at the auction. Typically this level of experienced legal representation would require a client to pay a large up front retainer fee in advance for this type of legal representation and to defend them in the coming eviction. In some cases like the Anda’s, Mr. Cara’s law firm may be able to structure the fee agreement so that the client does not have to pay up front out of pocket fees by accepting the case on a contingency basis.

On June 20th, 2018 clients, Anthony and Marylou Anda accepted the zero out of pocket bundled legal services that Consumer Defense Law Group, PC offers. They retained Mr. Cara’s law firm on a contingency fee agreement for filing a law suit against the foreclosing lender to reverse the foreclosure sale, recover the surplus proceeds after foreclosure and agreed to defend them in a future eviction case which was ultimately avoided. All of these services were offered with zero cash out of pocket expense to Mr. & Mrs. Anda.

On July 24th, 2018 the Mr. & Mrs. Anda were informed that CDLG,PC was successful in reversing the foreclosure sale that took place on June 11th, 2018. Mr. & Mrs. Andas are now rightfully back on title as the vested owners of their home.

Now the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is helping the Anda’s restructure their loan with a sustainable low monthly payment in exchange for a modest donation consisting of four bags of canned goods for the homeless and when the loan is restructured to their satisfaction, Mr. & Mrs. Anda have agreed to give a generous donation to “Veterans First” a separate not for profit organization that helps feed and house homeless and neglected U.S. Veterans.

SOURCE Consumer Defense Law Group, PC

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