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Group Helps Foreclosed Homeowner Living On The Street Get Back On Her Feet And Offers Zero Out Of Pocket Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Seeking Damages From Her Lender For More

COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug. 14, 2018 – Brandi Cuellar a Single Mother from Santa Maria California was struggling to keep her head above water while unsuccessfully working with her lender for several years to modify her home that she purchased in 2013. Despite all her efforts she was officially foreclosed on December 2017.  As with many homeowners the devastating process of getting foreclosed on was completely foreign to Ms Cuellar and it seemed that the only people interested in helping he were more interested in the fee that they would charge her for the assistance.

Brandi was referred to a Faith Based Not for Profit Organization called the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates that typically helps many homeowners stop Trustee Sales or Void the Notice of Default, so they can help their customers restructure their defaulting loans with free no cost loan modifications. Often they are successful even when a client contacts them at the 11th hour.

Unfortunately for Brandi Cuellar, she didn’t contact the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates until after the 11th hour of her eviction.  The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates’ Senior Legal Director Peter Nisson; an Appellate Litigation Attorney Licensed in California for 44 years quickly referred Brandi to Attorney Anthony Cara’s Consumer Defense Law Group who offered Brandi Cuellar a zero out of pocket cost retainer to prosecute her lender for wrongful foreclosure.

Here is a statement from Brandi Cuellar herself that tells the story of how both the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and the Consumer Defense Law Group truly help homeowners in despair.

“I am not built to survive on the streets that is for sure. Thank you Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates so much for your kindness and compassion thru this difficult time. I was ready to end everything and give up. God has a different plan for me, I know that now, thank you. 

I believe that God can use anything and all things for good and there is no greater good than to help another human who is struggling. I urge anyone struggling to save their home or like me already lost your home and are facing homelessness to trust this company they truly helped me when no one else would.”

If you are in default on any Home Loan and you feel that you may have a predatory loan, if you feel your lender may have treated you unfairly when you asked them for help. If your loan has been transferred from one lender to another and you want to keep your home contact www.NACAlaw.org.

If you have already been foreclosed on and believe you have been wronged contact the Consumer Defense Law Group at www.CDlawgroup.com in Costa Mesa, CA.

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