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Minutes Before Trustee Sale, Desperate Homeowner Contacts Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, And He Gets The Permanent Loan Modification That Was Previously Rejected.

Desperate Homeowner contacts the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Minutes before their Foreclosure Trustee Sale to force a Postponement, & wind up getting the permanent Loan Modification they were previously rejected several times!

COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug. 19, 2018 — Mario Talamante and his family had lived in their Los Banos California home since 1994. Like so many across the nation Mario had experienced some hardship and reached out to his lender for help only to be rejected. He received a Notice of Default on 10/04/2017. Mario Talamate refused to give up and was willing to do everything possible to keep his family’s home. Mario tried again to reapply for help from his lender, this time paying a so called professional for assistance ending with the same result. Now Mario received a Notice of Trustee Sale on 1/12/2018 and his home was now going to be auctioned off on 2/06/2018.

According to current statistics mortgage defaults have had a recent spike with the trend predicted to be a continuing concern. Since the expiration of Government subsidized Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) it is apparent that lenders are more difficult to work with than they have been for the previous several years.

With the Trustee Sale scheduled in just a few days Mario was directed to the website http://www.NACAlaw.org that belongs to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, a Faith Based Not for Profit Legal Clinic focused on financial literacy and homeownership preservation. Only charging an upfront fee of 4 bags of canned goods or nonperishables that get donated to the Homeless to get them started, the nonprofit uses a proprietary loss mitigation software that allows them to submit a properly restructured mortgage proposal that meets the lender’s Net Present Value requirements. When they secure a permanent re-structured loan, they ask for a generous donation to be made to Veterans First, a separate local Not for Profit Organization that helps feed and house homeless neglected U.S Veterans.

The Nonprofit Legal Clinic’s Senior Legal Services Director Attorney Peter Nisson, who is a 44-year Veteran Litigation Appellate Trail Attorney is just one of the various contributing factors that continue to make the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates such a blessing to so many desperate homeowners. Retired Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled I.R.S Agents, Real Estate Brokers, Direct Mortgage Bankers, Private Investment Firm and Hedge Fund representatives as well as a small army of volunteer consumer advocates and loss mitigation specialists all play a key role in stopping Trustee Sales by submitting their comprehensive Loss Mitigation Foreclosure Alternative proposal packages to the foreclosing lender that more often than not wind up with a permanently rehabilitated loan.

Mr. Mario Talamante’s Lender refused to voluntarily stop the Trustee Sale at the last minute to review the Nonprofit’s Legal Clinics Loss Mitigation package so Attorney Peter Nisson gave his recommendation to have Mr. Talamante consider having Consumer Defense Law Group http://www.CDLawGroup.com file an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order based on a violation of the Homeowners consumer rights.

Fortunately for the Talamante Family, Mario took Attorney Peter Nisson’s advice and engaged Attorney Tony Cara’s Consumer Defense Law Group, PC. 

On 04/01/2018 Mr Mario Talamante made his first modified house payment of only $1,803.03 plus taxes and insurances and his newly rehabilitated loan is now current with a fixed interest rate from a formally adjustable delinquent loan in default.

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