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Gwen & Charles Forsythe
Ms. Smadar Acik
Date: Tue, Jun 15, 2021, 6:55 AM

Dear Mr. Pepe Abad,
Please allow me to introduce myself:
My name is Ms. Smadar Acik, I am a 68 years old lady who worked most of her life in the hospitality industry working for the Hilton Hotel Chains and for the Airlines.
I am now retired and due to the pandemic, I had found myself in somewhat a financial predicament like many other people.
I reached out to NACA as I heard that they can help people who are finding themselves in difficulty to pay their current Mortgage. My situation was that I lost tenants while renting rooms in my house and therefore, rent money to pay for my Mortgage.
Today I received a phone call from one of your agents, Denise Gonzalez, who gave me the so much waited news that I was approved for a lower Mortgage. 
Today was a day of celebration for me and it was thanks to the dedication of Denise who relentlessly worked on my file for weeks at a time.
Denise constantly followed up with the Mortgage Co. and made sure to update me on every move that we were approaching towards this day. I believe that her tenacity and her efficiency brought a fruitful outcome for me and for this, I would like to express my appreciation.
It is because of people like Ms. Gonzalez that NACA has a reputation of a reliable Organization: she is the reason that, when time will come, I will most certainly refer NACA to a friend for refinancing and will come myself for any financial transactions in the future. 
Please convey to Ms. Gonzalez my appreciation for excellent customer assistance.
Ms. Smadar Acik
1246 W. 22nd St 
San Pedro, CA 90731