U.S. Foreclosure Activity Decreases 19 Percent in Q1 2018 for Sixth Consecutive Quarter.

California (down 36%)
Florida (down 33%)
Texas (down 20%)

Foreclosure (REO) in Q1 2018, down 2 percent from the previous quarter and down 28 percent from a year ago — the eighth consecutive quarter with a year-over-year decrease in U.S. REOs.

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Homeowner Rights

Federal courts have implemented the statutory and common law legal theories underling lender liability for some time; appellate decisions have also developed alternative theories that, together, make up the main thrust of the attacks by borrowers against the secured lender.

Right #1

Lender Liability in Loan Origination

Right #2

Predatory Lending

Right #3

Lender Liability in Loan Administration

Right #4

Lender Liability in Loan Workouts

Right #5

Lender Liability During Forclosure

Right #6

Lender Liability After Foreclosure

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Zero Cooperation before & after Foreclosed - Tonja Taylor

“I had my Home Foreclosed on by my bank in Texas. Before I was referred to Non-Profit Alliance of Consumer Advocates No one could help me. I try to get a loan modification directly through my lender Before they foreclosed on me with No Luck. Then I hired a lot of companies and still no one was able to help me My Bank always Said NO…”

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Sr. Director of Legal Services

Sr. Director of Legal Services
State Bar Licensed since 1974


Attorney Peter Nisson, a 2nd generation attorney whose father was a very highly respected Attorney who was the past President of the Orange County Bar Association. Peter Nisson graduated in the top of his class from USC then graduated from Pepperdine Law School 2nd in his class.

Peter Nisson has been practicing Law since 1974, he was 24 years of age when he first became a Lawyer.

Attorney Peter Nisson has represented and won many impressive Contract Litigation cases against several Fortune 500 Companies including Flour Corporation, American Recording Company and McDonald Douglass where he obtained large awards

Lender Law Suit (Litigation) has increased since the 50 States Attorney Generals Investigation confirmed Bank Employees statements that they purposely mishandled even forged signatures on documents and the Federal Governments order to at first only 16 Major Banks to reimburse homeowners improperly foreclosed upon.

More homeowners are seeing positive results from continued lender law suit litigation avoidance settlements. Our nonprofit law clinic’s trained staff literally has helped several thousand(s) client(s) with individual lender law suits filed against most lenders in both State as well as Federal Court. Recently our nonprofit law clinic’s Federal Qui Tam Lender Law Suit filed against almost 4000 mortgage Securitized Trusts has worked its way thru the court system on behalf of the United States Government with intent to find relief for the other 85% of American Homeowners who were somehow omitted from the relief the United States Government’s National Mortgage Settlement Decree of 2012 provided for the 15% of America’s homeowners who had ‘servicer owned’ Home loans .

Our nonprofit law clinic’s staff will analyze your mortgage loan history to identify if you may benefit from a Individual Lender Law Suit, a Group or Consolidated Lender Law Suit, a Class Action Lender Law Suit. Courts today including most Judges make every effort to allow an early settlement to be reached in Lender Law Suit Litigation to avoid clogging up the Court with so many Lender Law Suit Litigation Cases in every state.

Our nonprofit law clinic’s Attorneys offer a very unique and affordable Sectionalized Lender Law Suit Litigation Process to allow almost anybody and everybody with a good case to protect their consumer civil rights when Bank Fraud and Lender Abuse is discovered.

Our primary goal is to inform you of your Consumer Legal Rights that allow you to make informed decisions regarding your next step(s) to foreclosure prevention.

Due to the complexity of this issue, we carefully evaluate each case to give you sound Legal guidance to avoid foreclosure.

Our nonprofit law clinics consortium of consumer advocates comprised of Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Banking Loss Mitigation Experts and Licensed Attorneys and Private Equity Fund Investors that effectively help struggling homeowners through our educational campaigns that expose Bank Fraud and Lender Abuse while offering A – Z solutions from free no cost legal loan modification services thru potential Class Action, Consolidated Group or Individual Lender Litigation Lawsuits to help bring the actual Note Holder to the bargaining table to review a sensible resolution that helps them as well as you.

"There is no better reward than seeing good hardworking American homeowners achieve their goals."
Peter L. Nisson
CA State Bar Licensed since 1974. (43-years of practicing Law)

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Consumer Defense Law Group Helps Foreclosed Homeowner Living On The Street Get Back On Her Feet And Offers Zero Out Of Pocket Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Seeking Damages From Her Lender For More Assistance.

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