U.S. Foreclosure Activity Decreases 19% in Q1 2019 for 9th Consecutive Quarter.

California (down 12%)
Florida (down 72%)
Texas (down 60%)

Foreclosure (REO) In Q1 2019, Up 9% From The Previous Quarter And Down 19 % From A Year Ago — The 9th Consecutive Quarter With A Year-Over-Year Decrease In U.S. REOs.

Homeowner Rights

Federal courts have implemented the statutory and common law legal theories underlying lender liability for some time; appellate decisions have also developed alternative theories that together account for the main thrust of the attacks by borrowers against the secured lender.

Right #1

Lender Liability in Loan Origination

Right #2

Predatory Lending

Right #3

Lender Liability in Loan Administration

Right #4

Lender Liability in Loan Workouts

Right #5

Lender Liability During Foreclosure

Right #6

Lender Liability After Foreclosure

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor
We were foreclosed on by our lender while we believed they were looking at our request for a Loan Modification. We got a call the day of the foreclosure from many people telling us my property sold to a 3rd party at the auction. We reached out to the Nonprofit thru a google search using the words “Trustee Sale Reversal”. They informed me how difficult it would be to reverse a Trustee Sale when a property sold to 3rd party but they showed us news articles where one of their many alliances named Consumer Defense Law Group in Costa Mesa had been successful many times before at a link www TrusteesaleReversals org . We had nothing to lose because they were willing to help me with attempt getting my property back with zero out of pocket cost. Everyone else said it was impossible and we were wasting our time. Since then we have received confirmation that the Trustee sale was reversed and now we are even getting a Loan Modification. These guys are 100% legit.
Dixie A
Dixie A
I just want to thank everyone at nonprofit alliance Erick Rosas was so amazing. He just knows his job ,so it seems. The whole approach is why I ended up going with them I was down to the wire with less than 2 weeks before foreclosure on the house and I just didn't understand or know what to do the word documents scared me but they were patient not pushy and basically held my hand because I asked him to metaphorically through all of this and they sure as heck did I not only have saved my house from foreclosure I am also being introduced to a program to help me financially be able to take care of much needed household things and just be a good neighbor and person by keeping up my house and being a part of the solution not the problem I also wanted to say that it would be really convenient if those nice air fresheners were able to be stuck onto a wall lol thank you so much to non-profit alliance you literally saved me my family home I could not have done it without you absolutely not Don't be afraid go see them today if you need to
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee
They saved me from losing everything. An advocate from this non profit reached out to me and said they could help me. I had given up thinking it was hopeless. The auction was scheduled for 9am two days later. My lender told me it was too late to submit a modification and if i didn’t have a buyer and submit a sale agreement before the auction, then the foreclosure would proceed. But my advocate worked with me all afternoon to compile a loan mod anyways, then he submitted it on my behalf that night. The next day he called my lender with me on the line too, and they had already moved the foreclosure out another 6weeks. We didn’t even have to ask. They made the process easy and took care of all the detail. I’m so grateful to have had their help.!!! Now I have the time I need to make other arrangements.
Terry Haggerty
Terry Haggerty
I worked with Mike Alfrey and the nonprofit alliance. They saved my house and are in the process of having my credit restored. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. Thank you Mike for contacting me in the first place!
Elaine Mable
Elaine Mable
The place looks very good and I look forward to visiting there in the near future. I want to express my thanks to Mike Alfrey for his assistance to me in getting my home listed with a realtor and getting it sold! Mr. Alfrey is both friendly and handles matters professionally.
Renee Hurdle
Renee Hurdle
Katie Dares is a Born Leader!! A Model employee who sets a Professional tone in the industry. Katie is absolutely Amazing and functions in her role with Excellence and Integrity. There is No other like Katie Dares! Thank you for the opportunity to share this valuable information.

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Zero Cooperation Before & After Foreclosed - Tonja Taylor

“I had my home foreclosed on by my bank in Texas. Before I was referred to Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates no one could help me. I tried to get a loan modification directly through my lender before they foreclosed on me with no luck. Then I hired several companies, but still no one was able to help me my bank always said NO…”  

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