U.S. Foreclosure Activity Decreases 19% in Q1 2019 for 9th Consecutive Quarter.

California (down 12%)
Florida (down 72%)
Texas (down 60%)

Foreclosure (REO) In Q1 2019, Up 9% From The Previous Quarter And Down 19 % From A Year Ago — The 9th Consecutive Quarter With A Year-Over-Year Decrease In U.S. REOs.

Homeowner Rights

Federal courts have implemented the statutory and common law legal theories underlying lender liability for some time; appellate decisions have also developed alternative theories that together account for the main thrust of the attacks by borrowers against the secured lender.

Right #1

Lender Liability in Loan Origination

Right #2

Predatory Lending

Right #3

Lender Liability in Loan Administration

Right #4

Lender Liability in Loan Workouts

Right #5

Lender Liability During Foreclosure

Right #6

Lender Liability After Foreclosure

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Zero Cooperation Before & After Foreclosed - Tonja Taylor

“I had my home foreclosed on by my bank in Texas. Before I was referred to Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates no one could help me. I tried to get a loan modification directly through my lender before they foreclosed on me with no luck. Then I hired several companies, but still no one was able to help me my bank always said NO…”  

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