PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, August 3, 2023 — The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is proud to announce its successful assistance to Steven Tuthill, who was facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 situation, in securing a free loan modification that enabled him to keep his home. With a genuine commitment to helping individuals like Steven overcome their mortgage challenges, N.A.C.A’s unwavering dedication has once again made a difference in someone’s life.

Steven Tuthill, a valued homeowner, found himself in a precarious financial situation when he fell $55,087.99 behind on his mortgage payments, which carried a 6.125% interest rate and a monthly burden of $1,125.60. The lender placed him under a sale date of 03/28/23, threatening the possibility of losing his home – a place filled with cherished memories and dreams for the future.

Seeking a lifeline to save his home, Steven searched for nonprofit organizations that could assist with mortgage-related challenges. Upon discovering the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, renowned for its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and exceptional 5-star reviews on Google, he knew he was in capable hands.

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates swiftly sprang into action, working closely with Steven to gather all the necessary documents to challenge the imminent sale date. The team at the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates expertly prepared a Zero-Out-Pocket cost loan modification package and submitted it to the lender, ensuring that the lender was held accountable for any discrepancies.

Months of dedicated efforts by N.A.C.A’s team culminated in a triumphant outcome for Steven. The sale date was successfully cancelled, and Steven was granted a loan modification with zero delinquent amount. Furthermore, his interest rate remained at 6.125%, but he now enjoys a new lower monthly payment of $1,091.13, alleviating the burden on his finances and providing a more manageable path to homeownership.

Steven Tuthill is filled with gratitude for the exemplary service provided by the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. He expressed his incredible thankful for the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. Without their expert guidance and support, I wouldn’t have been able to save my home. Their dedication and compassion are truly commendable.”

As a nonprofit organization committed to empowering consumers and safeguarding their interests, the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates continues to be a beacon of hope for individuals struggling with mortgage challenges. Its success stories, like Steven’s, underscore the significant impact that organizations like N.A.C.A can have on individuals and families in times of distress.

For more information call 855-622-2435 (855-NACA-HELP) or visit www.NACALaw.org.

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